The Dog Days of Summer

Last week we went out of town. We always board the dogs but it’s so expensive not to mention by the time you add up the fees for play time, kennel cough, giving medication, and such I could take a cruise. Plus my boys are getting a little older and come home exhausted. I’m sure the other less well behaved dogs probably bark all night keeping mine up. There’s also the hassle of taking them and picking them back up after an 8 hour drive while they act like fools in the car trying to get in the driver’s seat, hanging tennis balls out the window, and climbing over seats, dog hair flying around in clumps sticking to my lipstick and getting in my eyes. By the time I get out of the car I look like Sasquatch. So I decided to try something different.  Jamie has a friend who dog sits in the dog’s home. She wasn’t available for us but her friend Laura was. Sidney was all excited about it before he even met her. He knew his charm would win her over and that would mean party all week!

Laura came over to meet us and we instantly liked her. Sidney said she looked like a super model, with legs from here to heaven, and he is a leg man (if you’ve read my previous blogs you know how he is with the women). Trooper was happy that she wasn’t fat because that leaves him more room in the bed. My boys are a little self-absorbed but I assure you it’s not due to my lack of parenting or at least trying.

We left on Monday and all reports throughout the week were good. Laura and her sister took them for a walk and reported they were well behaved. I find that hard to believe but as long as nobody ended up in the hospital I’m happy. Mind you, it wasn’t the dogs I was worried about. They played ball in the back yard which made the boys very happy.

When I got home from my trip, Trooper, Sidney, and I sat down and talked all about the week. Sidney wants Laura to come live with us. He said she let him stay out as late as he wanted without asking any questions, took him swimming, pet him more in a day than I have in the last year and didn’t nag him near as much as I do. I don’t believe a word of that. Trooper was happy too. He spends most of his time snoring so the most he remembers of the week was that she let him sleep in bed with her and snuggled him. He’s also happy someone was here to feed him since eating is his next favorite past time to sleeping.

The house was so clean when I got home I couldn’t even tell that Laura had been here. The boys said they cleaned it up after all of Laura’s wild parties (once again, I’m not falling for that). If you need a great doggie lover/sitter I’ve got one! I’ve also got two happy golden achievers!


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