A Dog-gone Easter

Since I told you about my Easter, Sidney and Trooper thought it only fitting that I inform the world about their Easter. Sidney is 63 in people years, Trooper 56, and I’m 53. That has nothing to do with this story except for the fact that I’m the youngest and it’s nice to still be able to say that every now and then.

The boys started their day by chasing a skink around the back yard. A real treasure of a find if you ask them. Much to their chagrin, they lost it in the brick wall of the garden. I’m sure the skink is breathing a huge sigh of relief. The boys were so disappointed about losing their prey that we took them out front where there are about a million (I know that’s a hyperbole. It comes naturally to me) lizards. I had seen a solid black one so we chased that one under the porch and then had to resort to trying to catch regular old little green ones. They did finally catch one. The poor thing ended up in Trooper’s mouth with no legs or tail (not to mention his guts hanging out). At that point we decided we were done hunting and came in the house. Trooper drank a lot of water, lizards must be salty. I’ve never tried one.

This evening us in the elder crowd (that means minus Jamie) decided to go for a walk. Sid and Troop were complaining that they hadn’t gotten to wear their Easter outfits so here they are in their Easter shirts. Notice the blue, green and lavender.easter2

Once we were finished jamming to Bon Jovi while running our 5K (it was really a 1k walk but that doesn’t sound as good) they had a hard time getting back in the car so I had to lift each 75 lb butt up. Sheesh. It’s not easy being the youngest. I asked them if they had fun. Sidney said he wasn’t sure if he was dead or alive and Troop said, “Who says you can’t go home?” They might be bad boys but they know their music.



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