He Is Risen

Today is Easter. Not a typical Easter like you might be familiar with. I didn’t have a big meal. I didn’t have an Easter egg hunt or get a chocolate bunny or even color eggs. I didn’t see any relatives. I actually was planning to go to North Carolina to visit my cousin who I just met a few weeks ago but my son, Jamie, has a research paper due that he’s worried about finishing so we stayed home in order for him to be able to work on it. I didn’t get to go to Kentucky to see my parents either because Jamie has to be back to school tomorrow, therefore, we would have spent today driving home.

My Easter started with taking a lady from a local nursing home to church. We went to Sunday School first and then the 11:00 very crowded service. There were many people there I’d never seen before. I had cut an iris from my yard to put on the cross at the front of the church. I guess it might be a tradition at many churches to adorn a cross with flowers. My church always has a couple of people take everyone’s flowers from them and put them on the cross. Not me. I want to put my own flower on the cross myself. I want to get the whole experience, rather than handing it off to someone else. My iris looked beautiful, white insides lined with purple. It was the only iris on the cross.

We came home and I made a ham and cheese quiche. Not a typical Easter meal but what the heck. Then we worked on a jigsaw puzzle and I took the dogs outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

How do I know it’s Easter? What made today different from any other day? Maybe nothing. Maybe every day is Easter. Maybe Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins every day, not just today.

This is how I know today is Easter. Because the sun is shining beautiful and warm. Because my iris bloomed in time to show off in front of all the church to glorify God. Because Jamie is working on a research paper and loving it. Because the bees were buzzing around me when I was sitting outside. Because Sidney and Trooper had a grand time hunting down a lizard (The lizard did not fare well and hence didn’t celebrate Easter). Because my dryer broke and I had the money to go buy a new one. Because Lowe’s was open today when I needed them to be. Because I had a kind neighbor who helped us bring in the dryer and get it hooked up. Because, I have a job to go to tomorrow. Because I got to see my church friends this morning. Because I had one of Jamie’s former daycare instructor’s (from 17 years ago) picture taken with us in front of the cross. Because of many reason, too many to list here and now.

So, yes, today is Easter. But I think tomorrow is Easter too. And the next day. Everyday I sin and everyday my sins are forgiven so I can try anew. Blessings, big and little,  happen to me every day, not just today.


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