YOLO (translation for Mom and Dad – You Only Live Once)

I have a sports car. Technically it’s a jeep. More technically, it’s a Geo Tracker. Her name is Lola and she’s bright green with a white convertible top. Jamie tells me it’s not a sports car or a jeep. When I first got it, Jamie was in high school. I was given strict instructions to NEVER, under any circumstance, pick him up from school in it. I got tired of him being jealous of my sports car so tonight I showed him just what it’s made of.

Down the road from my house there used to be a lot of woods. In the last few days, the woods have been cleared. Acre upon acre of foxes, rabbits, and deer have lost their homes. I’m sure someone’s going to build a new subdivision. Probably an expensive one that will make my house look like a trailer on wheels that just pulled in from the back hills.

Any ways, I was driving home from Walmart. I passed the vast emptiness, trees laying dead everywhere, broken, and chopped up. I got curious about what was going on and it was after hours, so there was no work crew around. It just so happened that I was in my sports car/jeep. I haven’t driven it much since I had jaw surgery since it doesn’t have shocks and my jaw really needs shocks. I did however get botox shots in my face last week that seem to help with the pain. I promise I’m going somewhere with this. A new place to explore + a jeep + botox + a son who doesn’t like to do things that could get him in trouble = we are going MUDDING! I forgot to mention it rained all last night.

It was almost dark but light enough for me to see. I turned onto the red mud “road”, turned off my headlights, and followed the makeshift trail all through the clearing to the top of the hill, in my jeep. The more Jamie said “no Mom no” the faster we went. I think our heads hit the ceiling a few times as we spun in puddles, dodged tree trunks, and bounced in and out of ditches and dips. Once I was satisfied with inspecting what was going on, which was not much other than a bunch of downed trees, we headed home, much to Jamie’s relief. We didn’t get arrested or stuck in a vat of mud. But we did drive home with mud flying out from under the belly of the jeep and red tracks leading to my driveway. You only live once. If I don’t teach Jamie how to live right, who will? I dare him to disrespect Lola again.


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