It’s No Fun Being Sick

I started getting sick earlier this week. First a sore and scratchy throat. Then a really sore and scratchy throat. Then off and on laryngitis. Yesterday, a runny nose, sore throat, and cough. You know the kind of coughing you get that makes you fart at the same time? That’s my cough. Today is Sunday and I think I’m too sick to go to church. I think I’ll stay home and get some stuff done around the house. I should also mention, to help you realize the enormity of how bad I feel, that my son Jamie is in physical therapy school. He is currently learning massage techniques. I bit the bullet yesterday and set aside my own personal needs to be his patient and let him practice massage on me. It was a sacrifice on my part but I’ll do anything for my son, so I laid still and let him practice. What I didn’t realize was that it would pull on some muscles in my neck and make my jaw hurt worse today. So I’m double sick.

I called Jamie this morning to take the dogs out. His room is all the way across the hall from mine, which is a long way when you’re sick, so I felt a phone call was in order. I usually take the dogs out every morning but when you’re sick, 6 AM makes you feel sicker. Jamie wasn’t real happy about it but that’s okay because I’m sick. After that, he was kind enough to find me a pair of fuzzy socks at my request and put them on my feet, carefully slipping each one out of the covers, first one and then the other, without letting the warm air out in the process.

I let Jamie know I wasn’t going to church. He usually works weekends but had this one off so I felt it fitting for him to go to church for me and that way it would be almost like I went to church. He could bring the message home to me and it would be like I was there. Besides, I didn’t want to pass my germs around and make others sick.

I felt like I needed some breakfast but had no energy or desire to go to the kitchen and get anything so I went to Bojangles and got a biscuit and some tea to wash down my medication. Well, now that I think about it, Jamie did that too. I did however give him my order and wait patiently for him to get home. And I also threw my own trash away. Okay,  Jamie threw my trash away.

My dogs are on enough medication to kill a horse, Trooper is on nine pills a day for seizures and Sid is on two a day for an ear infection. They needed more peanut butter balls baked to hide the pills in. I usually make a double batch every other weekend because it’s such a pain to do it. Jamie really hates making them so I thought it was the least I could do since he went to church for me. So, that’s kind of not totally true either. Jamie made the peanut butter balls, but I should add he did it with a very bad attitude and I did help him by reading off all four of the ingredients.

I had laundry to do this weekend. I have laundry to do every weekend because I work a lot and don’t have time to do it during the week. I’m proud to say I got it all completed. Jamie helped a little by putting the clothes in the washing machine, moving them to the dryer, folding them, hanging up what couldn’t be dried, and carrying the stacks of folded clothes upstairs. Having a two story house is the biggest pain in the butt ever, especially when you’re sick.

Today is a rainy day. So was yesterday. I like for my plants to get out in the rain sometimes to wash off their leaves and give them a good soaking. Since I’m home all day, I thought I’d get them all out there, especially the ones that haven’t been out in a while. I have a big mother-in-law’s tongue AKA snake plant that’s about five feet tall. I set it out along with some others. Actually, Jamie had to do it because it was too heavy for me. I held the door open though which is sometimes the hardest part.

It’s only noon and I’ve gotten all this done. For some reason Jamie found things to do away from home for the rest of the day. I’m not sure why, because I’m sick and I might need him. He’s graduating from college this year and buying a house of his own. I guess if I get sick and need him,  I’ll call him and he’ll come get me. He’ll probably drive me straight to a nursing home. Lastly, before anybody starts hating on me, I’ll have it be known that I brushed my own teeth. All by myself.

Meanwhile….the next day…..I’d like to add that I am home sick from work today. I coughed all night. It’s hard to cough all night into a CPAP mask and feel good in the morning. I was awakened at 6:00 AM yet again, as every morning, by Sidney who has an internal 6:00 AM alarm clock. He wanted to be fed. I crawled out of bed half dead, coughed up a lung, fed him, and let both my boys out to potty and back in again, while Jamie slept. I crawled back in bed to then hear the sound of vomiting downstairs. Sigh. Sidney threw up all over the same rug he always throws up on, heaps and piles of a beautiful golden yellow stomach bile mixed with the food he just ate. Meanwhile, Jamie still sleeps. How can one sleep through all this? At that point, because I’m sick, I felt the need to wake Jamie up, make him clean up the puke, take the trash out, and go to the store to get me a specific grocery list of ginger ale, butter rum lifesavers, Luden’s cough drops, and chocolate cake for breakfast. When he got back home it was still dark outside and he was in a huge rush to head off to school. Hmph. They must be studying something interesting today.


2 thoughts on “It’s No Fun Being Sick

  1. 🙂 After birthing him through 3 days of labor in a backwoods shack with no running hot water in the middle of a winter blizzard and then raising him for 20 years it’s the least he could do.


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