My sister played many things with me.

Her Barbie was always drunk,

While mine was trying to camp.

She had the Light Bright

and I collected my stamps.

We splashed in our swimming pool

and rode our bikes on the path until night.

We took a jazz dance class

and I looked like a total fool.

Later we emailed postcards

from places we pretended to rule.

We ate wild blueberries in milk,

While solving who killed who.

Precious art we attempted to bilk,

and atop the Washington Monument we gaped at the view.

My sister and I traveled the country,

I got her hand-me-downs.

We played on the farm and

hid in the barn.

Picked cattails

and learned things to do with yarn.

I rode a maverick and she a colt.

We witnessed each other’s frowns.

We laughed and played and

crafted and made.

Until we grew older

and simply continued more bolder.


Again, for my Sissy.












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