Travels with Sissy

My sister and I have traveled the world,

together but still alone.

We went so many places,

your mind would just be blown.

From the depths of the Amazon,

we watched baboons become grown.

We were captured by a tribe of natives,

wearing jewelry made from bone.

We discovered extinct species,

and sat on a royal king’s throne.

We sailed the great red sea,

straight through to the arctic zone.

We pirated many ships

and stole their precious rhinestones.

Yes, my sister and I have traveled,

bankrupting our savings and loan.

We flew on dragon’s wings

to see a mammoth fully grown.

We went by mule, and train, and skates,

to find a rare moonstone.

We hiked some treacherous trails

until our toes became ingrown.

We stepped across the equator,

yelling to Brazil through a megaphone.

You think I’m making this up I suppose,

but you’ve never seen Tut’s gravestone.

We climbed the heights of Denali

and adapted to the ozone.

We snorkeled the great barrier reef,

and picked a coral all our own.

It’s hard to believe we did all this,

before we even had iphones.


In honor of my travels with Cindy who’s imagination never ends.



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