For 2017 I think I’ll do myself some favors.

I think I’ll stop asking “What if?”

and say “Yes, I can do that” with confidence more often.

I’ll stop asking questions I don’t want to hear the answers to

and be happy with only what I need to know.

I think I’ll learn to fly, on a zipline

and drive the Blue Ridge Parkway alone from beginning to end.

I think I’ll stop dwelling on yesterday

and let the future happen when it’s supposed to.

I think I’ll meet my cousin I’ve never met

for we live too close and have no excuses.

I think I’ll find something good each day to treasure

instead of thinking about what didn’t go right.

I think I’ll give up sugar

because it only makes me feel bad.

I think I’ll get rid of my brain tumor

and feel more healing in my jaw.

I think I’ll be a blessing to someone,

someone who needs one.

I think I’ll walk my favorite beach

and pick up treasures.

I think I’ll “soak up the sun and tell everyone to lighten up.”

I think I’ll spend more time with friends

and less time working.

I think I’ll trust more

and worry less.

I think that’s enough for one year

unless I think of more.



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