You Can Be Like Me

That star is winking at me, from so very far away. Is it trying to tell me, “Relax, you’ll be okay.”?

The humming bird teases, flittering all about. I think he means to say, “Be still and have no doubt.”

The large oak tree is waving, like sequins on a gown. Leaves dancing in the wind assure, “You will not be let down.”

The ocean rolls a mighty roar, but still is yet so calm. Each wash upon my feet advise “I’ll sooth you like a balm.”

Raindrops dot the pavement, emitting a newborn smell. They disappear suggesting, “All will still be well.”

Sunshine warms my face, this bright afternoon. I look to it for answers and hear assuredly, “Soon.”

The pelican soars so mightily, confident as can be. Gliding above he whispers, “You can be like me.”


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